As a professional photographer with over a decade of experience since 2013, I have honed my craft across various genres, including product photography, landscape photography, and macro photography. My proficiency with any DSLR camera allows me to adapt seamlessly to different shooting environments and requirements, ensuring each shot captures the essence and beauty of the subject. With a following of over 2,000 on YouPic, my work reflects a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, delivering stunning visual narratives that resonate with audiences.

Since 2021, I have been selling digital products on Creative Fabrica, specializing in design resources like brushes and add-ons for Affinity Suite and Photoshop, as well as assets for illustrators. I also offer curated keyword sets for Amazon and Etsy. Additionally, I own and operate two successful online stores, providing a wide range of digital products to enhance creative workflows.

I own multiple coloring book brands on Amazon KDP, with RAWEHDY Books being one of the most successful. RAWEHDY Books is renowned for offering the best Mandalas coloring book available on Amazon, captivating coloring enthusiasts with its intricate and beautifully designed pages. Our commitment to quality and creativity has helped establish RAWEHDY Books as a leading brand in the coloring book market, delighting customers and fostering a love for the art of coloring.

I sell digital products on Cubebrush, specializing in assets for Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher. My product range includes high-quality brushes, templates, add-ons, and other design resources that have gained significant popularity among creative professionals. These assets are designed to enhance the capabilities of users across these platforms, making their creative processes more efficient and impactful. The widespread recognition and positive feedback from the design community highlight the value and quality of my offerings on Cubebrush.

I sell Affinity Suite and Photoshop assets on Creative Market, the premier marketplace for photographers, designers, and creatives. Renowned for its diverse range of licenses, Creative Market offers a platform where professionals and enthusiasts alike can access high-quality resources tailored to their projects.

My digital products and services are available on multiple platforms, offering a wide range of resources for creative professionals. Across these platforms, my offerings consistently receive 5-star ratings, reflecting their exceptional quality and value to users.

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